As one of the first schools in Bulacan to offer live online classes,

we continue to find ways to provide you with the best and safest educational experience. By following the guide carefully below, you may request and receive your academic documents online. Feel free to contact us for any queries.


Fill Up Request Form

Fill up and submit the online request form below. A download button is also available if you wish to print it out and bring it and transact personally to the registrar’s office.


Next step

Pay the corresponding processing fee for your requested document.

  • Diploma (second copy) P500
  • Transcript f Records SF10 (formerly known as form 137) P250
  • Transfer credentials/ Honorable Dismissal P350
  • Certification of Graduation P100
  • Certification of Weigh Average P100
  • Certification of Good Moral Character P100
  • Certification of Enrollment P100

Payment options will automatically be sent in your email after your request form is submitted. (Please make sure you input an active email in your request form)


Next step

Send proof of payment.

Send proof of payment (screeenshot of online transfers/ deposit slip) to in this format:

Subj: Proof of payment from (your name)


(Your requested document)

(Date requested)



Next step

Payment Confirmation

Your request will only be processed AFTER payment confirmation. You will receive such, after sending your proof of payment.

Estimated processing time of documents is 3-7 working days after payment confirmation.


Next step

Notification of document pick up schedule.

You will recieve an email from as soon as your document(s) is available for pick up.


Get Started

In our fight against COVID-19, and to ensure everyone’s safety, we enabled common school transactions to be done online. We understand how internet stability vary per location so if it suits you best, you may also choose to download, print and submit the form directly to the registrar’s office.

Requesting documents such as your Diploma,Certificate of Enrollment, Certificate of  Good Moral Character, Certificate of Graduation, TOR/SF10, Transfer Credentials. Please see full instructions on the page.

You may also download and print the form to be submitted directly to the registrar’s office.