Our School Philosophy: Teaching the way students learn.

COLM envisions itself as a Center of Excellence within the region in the areas of Instruction, Research and Community Service

COLM as a non-profit organization, commits itself to offer relevant affordable programs through high quality education responsive to the needs of the industries and the communities that will develop well-rounded and competent graduates imbued with Christian values.

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Institutional Goals


Academic Excellence

Provide basic and undergraduate education that meet standards of quality and excellence.


Relevance and Responsiveness

Generate and disseminate knowledge in the growing range of disciplines relevant and responsive to the complexities of the changing environment.


Access and Equity

Make provision for expanded educational opportunities to deserving qualified students.


Efficiency and Effectiveness

Utilize school’s resources for the maximum institutional and individual returns and benefits.

At the heart of COLM’s educational philosophy is the firm belief that all students can become successful learners and that there are no predetermined limits to what students can accomplish at any age.

COLM teaching methods are informed by the “theory of multiple intelligences” developed by Howard Gardner. Students come to COLM with varying intelligences, abilities, passions and skills. Curricular units are carefully designed to engage students with a variety of learning styles. A broad range of materials, activities, approaches, and interconnected learning opportunities encourages each student to discover and develop his or her own strengths.
Students are also taught to recognize those areas where they may need to review in order to master required skills and content. COLM constantly monitors, analyzes, and refines all aspects of teaching and learning. The result is a
“living” curriculum that evolves to accommodate teaching methods and topics for all grades.

COLM Founder

Our Core Values

C – Commitment to Excellence
The true essence of our existence is academic excellence so all our activities must be directed toward this ultimate goal and yet well-balanced for the total development of our students.
O – Ownership
Ownership of creating value for students, employees and stakeholders. Ownership and
Accountability for our actions.
L – Leadership
The spirit of leadership is instilled in every student and teacher. They have the values, the confidence and the experience to lead change in their world.
M – Maturity
Maturity is the foundation that protects our other core values. All are expected to behave in a respectable manner towards others both within and outside the campus, i.e. being polite, speaking with tact, respecting those around you, etc.

Committed to provide quality education for the youth. With scholarships, programs, payment schemes designed to make education available for everyone.

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Our School Emblem

The central symbol of seal is the shield which means to protect. The shield is divided vertically. To the left is a book with tussles to symbolize wisdom and nobility. To the right are the cross and a silhouette of Mary whose protection we implore. On the bottom left of the shield isa tower which symbolizes the foundation and strength of the Institution. Top most are the three stars – “Ad Astra Per Aspera” – Reach for the stars through hardships. In plain English, stars and number three is a common meaning for excellence.
The school adopted green and white. Green is the color of hope which in Old English was growan or to grow – this means to build a new foundation in education, a new society that will build the skill of every student, therefore, signs of a Promise of a New Life. White is the color
that symbolizes purity.

College of Our Lady of Mercy

To thee we pledge our loyalty

Wherever we may be

We salute and honor thee

We will live by your mission

Together we’ll realize your vision

Academic excellence and spiritual value

Are your foundation for youth formation

Hail our alma mater, Hail COLM dear!

Soar the sky, let the banners fly

We proclaim your name, head high

College of Our Lady of Mercy

The home of academic excellence

Faithful to your Godgiven mission

Providing quality education 

You empower us to be

Effective members of society

Preserving our morals and values

With honesty and integrity

Hail our Alma mater, Hail COLM dear,

Soar the sky, let the banners fly

We proclaim your name, head high

We proclaim your name, head high.


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