New School Facilities to Support Student Learning and Performance

In the spirit of providing a high-quality education with state-of-the-art facilities,
We would like to give you a peek to the up coming Science and Technology Building
and the New Mock Hotel to be built in Longos, Pulilan, Bulacan
COLM main campus.
Coming this School Year 2021-2022

A growing body of research has found that school facilities can have a profound impact on both teacher and student outcomes.

With respect to teachers, school facilities affect teacher recruitment, retention, commitment, and effort. With respect to students, school facilities affect health, behavior, engagement, learning, and growth in achievement. 
-Penn State University

COLM’s new Science and Technology Building will house the state-of-the-art computer laboratory, and a safety first, Science laboratory.


The best facilities among all schools in Bulacan

Computer Laboratory

The impact of technology on education is indisputable.

Despite the fact that most students and educators have access to their own computers, a computer lab creates inclusive, structured learning environments where students can prepare for a tech-heavy future. 

These tech-rich spaces equitably accommodate more students, with more computing power and greater screen real estate. They provide a place for students to explore, create, connect and develop digital literacy–cornerstone skills for career readiness.

Science Laboratory

The best way for students to learn science is by doing real science hands-on. 

At COLM, we aim to go beyond textbooks. It is our belief that knowledge acquired by doing, breeds curiosity and eagerness to learn more. 

We envision that this laboratories be the environment that will equip future advancement of the world’s science and technology, by providing our students a learning process that develop an interest in scientific research.


Hotel and Events Area Mock Up

A new area to provide hands-on learning in the hospitality industry.

A hotel room and events place that creates a real-world experience for students. COLM is proud to provide the best training and development in the hospitality industry. In a very competitive industry, this new facilities will further enhance  competency of every student. Giving them an industry-specific set of skills. Incorporating key elements of business and marketing, let COLM give you a head start in your dream career. 

Dito’y huhubugin ang iyong talino at galing!


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