Online Learning: COLM Way (How we do it fun, easy, and efficiently)

The last academic year was a tough one, but we made sure to deliver the same academic excellence we vowed to give every COLMER as our school became the gold standard in online learning.

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With your recommendations considered, and as more systems are in place, we are excited to welcome you this coming school year with new and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

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Sharing with you how we do it fun, easy, and efficiently:

After receiving your certificate of registration, you are officially enrolled. 

Congratulations, COLMERS!

Soon after, you or your parent/ guardian will be welcomed  by your advisers through email or Messenger and communicate with them the following:

1. Your class schedule

At COLM, maximizing your full potential, without the burn out is a top priority.

Your classes are carefully mapped out to serve YOU. Your schedule is planned in a way that gives you the best opportunity to learn without stressing your brain cells too muchyell, and without gluing your eyes on a screen all day wink.

2. Your @colm.edu.ph email address

Which comes with FREE  5TB of disk space in your Google Drive to store the files you worked hard for. 

This email is also what is required for every student to access their Google Meet Classes, so that only a COLMER will be in the stream, ensuring your safe and secure learning environment. 

3. Your Google Meet Codes per subject

FREE Class Schedule Template:
Save in your Google Drive so you can access your classes easily even if you have to switch devices, or in a different location than your usual study place/ area.
Watch the steps on the video or follow the instructions below.
  1. Click the link
  2.  Click File then click ‘Make A Copy’ so that you can edit it and make it your own.
  3.  Change the file name to yours.
  4.  Change the sample schedule per day to yours.
  5. Copy and Paste the Google Meet Code that your subject teachers will send you.

*Tips for parents/guardians. Create another tab or worksheet for each child if needed, then share this file with your child’s @colm.edu.ph email address. This way, it will make it easier for them to learn to login to their classes independently.

The template will help you navigate through your online classes.

COLM Online Learning System

4. Google Classroom.


Your teachers will upload every class session so no matter what happens (connection interruptions, device unavailability, or other unavoidable incidents) you can access your missed classes anytime.

5. Your access credentials to COLM LMS (Moodle)

Your access credentials to COLM LMS (Moodle) will also be provided, couple of days before our exciting new school year begins.. This is where you will find more information, review the topics discussed in class and answer exercises to practice what you have learned.
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PS: An orientation will be conducted a few days before your first class for AY 2021-2022. To familiarize you with our Learning Management System (Moodle) and answer any questions you may have.

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